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Matsui Features

Establish Integrated Production System between Japan and China.


Development/Design (R&D Dept.)

New techniques and flexible ideas help us to develop higher quality products.



Image Measuring equipment

3D Measuring Equipment

We use the newest technology for measuring and testing our products.


Making Metallic Mold (Engineering Dept.)

We make all molds in-house.


Brazing Process ( Forging Dept.)

We have 16 brazing presses, including 7 hollow brazing presses.

Low cost production with minimum material waste.


Automated machining facilitated by multi-jointed robots.

Heat Processing

Remove strain from processing with low temperature annealing.

Helps to bring out the original performance of the material.
·Remove residual stress.
·Increases performance for dezincified material


Machining (Machining Dept.)

In order to optimize efficiency, Matsui chooses the perfect manufacturing machines that match the type of products we are making.

Automated process for desorption parts and washing after process.

Resin Molding (Resin Dept.)

We use the newest technology in molding.


Assembly ( Assembly Dept.)

We perform all quality/quantity inspection for every product we manufacture in order to guarantee high quality manufacturing.


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